Mango and Coconut balls

Mango & Coconut Balls

Mangoes bring back childhood memories for me of sitting on the beach in Mombasa eating this delicious fruit ripe as it is…. or green with a sprinkle of chilli & salt.  So I am celebrating mango season  (one of my favourite fruits) with these delicious mango coconut and cashew nut energy balls…. they are so quick and easy to make… perfect for keeping little ones busy over the holidays!

Recipe by Dr Chintal Patel
Serves - 20 balls
Prep. Time - 15 mins
Cooking Time - 10 mins
GF. DF, Vegan


  • 2 cups of mango puree (either use a tin of mango pulp or 3 ripe kesar mangoes)
  • 80gms coconut flour
  • 80gms ground cashew nuts
  • 40gms desiccated coconut


  • First peel the mangoes, remove the stone and blend the pulp into a fine puree
  • Heat the mango puree in a pan and simmer for about 10 mins on a low heat to thicken the mix
  • (If you like it sweet you can add a little sugar or honey here but personally, I feel the mango is sweet enough)
  • Next take of the heat and add the coconut flour and ground cashew nuts
  • Mix well to form a ‘dough’
  • Allow to cool, then take small amounts of the dough and roll into balls
  • Roll each ball in the desiccated coconut to coat
  • Store balls in the fridge until ready to eat – they should keep well for a week or so – they never last longer in my kitchen!

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