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BBC Good Food Magazine:

March 2021. Healthy family meals for 4 under £5

Feeding a family nutritious food on a budget can be tough. As a working mum, I recognise the constraints that come with preparing meals every day that are balanced, healthy and appeal to the whole family, particularly children. I hope my easy, budget-friendly recipes show that when it comes to cooking family meals, saving time or money doesn’t mean compromising on flavour.


BBC Good Food Magazine:

March 2021. Using spices in children’s food

Studies show the more variety you introduce to a child’s diet, the more likely they are to develop a broader palette, be less fussy and more accepting of new foods. I share my top tips for introducing spices into children’s food in BBC Good Food Magazine.


Women’s Health Magazine:

February 2021. Improving your energy through lifestyle changes

It sounds implausible but, did you know by making simple tweaks to your daily routine, you can stay fully charged and energetic all day? I chat to Women’s Health magazine with some top tips on how daily lifestyle changes can improve your energy levels.

BBC Good Food You Tube:

December 2020. Using spice in children’s food

Join me as I chat to Keith Kendrick group magazines editor for BBC Good Food & Olive magazines. We chat about different spices, why it is important to incorporate them into children’s food and how to do this practically in the kitchen.

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FoodFM Radio:

December 2020. Spice of the week

Join me for my weekly slot on FoodFM Radio chatting about a different spice of the week every week. From the origins of the spice to its use in cooking and beyond we discuss all things spice and more.


ChildrenSalon Blog

December 2020. Healthy Snacks for Children

The word ‘snack’ is on repeat in our house! I chat to Children Salon about healthier snack options for children. Snacks that are delicious hit the sweet spot but also pack in lots of added nutrition. All these recipes are designed to be made with children.


BBC Good Food Magazine

October 2020.

I chat to BBC Good Food magazine about how food has kept us connected as a family during lockdown. For my children especially, not seeing their grandparents during the pandemic has been hard. We have had to adapt as a family and have found new ways to remain connected. From zoom cookery lessons to doorstep food deliveries, read how we have remained close and connected through our love of food. I also share my mum’s family Jelebi recipe.


Asian Voice:

October 2020. Health Voice: Healthy eating during Diwali

Indulging during the festive season – I chat to Asian Voice about Diwali celebrations, celebrating food and enjoying sweets and indulgent food as part of a balanced diet.


A Millennial Mind Podcast:

October 2020 Creating a positive relationship with food

I chat to Shivani Pau, host of A Millennial Mind Podcast about the millennial relationship with food, diet culture, food fads, cooking with children and how to start creating a positive relationship with food.


Harrogate Radio Podcast:

September 2020 Indian inspired Home Cooking

I chat to chef Ben Wright, host of the Harrogate Food Show podcast and the Harrogate community radio about Indian inspired home cooking. We discuss what you need for your basic ‘Indian cooking starter kit’ some of my favourite recipes and lots lots more. Click the link to listen


Women’s Health Podcast – Going for Goal:

April 2020. Talking Coronavirus - What a GP on the Frontline Wants You to Know

I join Roisin Dervish-Okane at the start of the global Coronavirus pandemic to discuss how to stay as physically and mentally well as possible, and how to minimise the risk of causing harm to others. We chat about working on the frontline, dispel some common myths as well as guidance around measures to keep you and your family safe and well.

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Public Health England – NHS Stay well this winter Campaign: (October 2016)

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